In addition to the cultural immersion and personalization services that we offer generally, for gay and lesbian travelers in particular we provide a real glimpse into the rich gay life along with a great opportunity to meet and explore Spain in company of other LGBT (and/or LGBT friendly) individuals.




As a gay man living in Spain, both I and a number of other LGBT professionals in the tourism & hospitality sector with whom I collaborate here IMG_7311in Madrid, have first-hand knowledge of what is on offer to a gay traveler in this country. From accommodation, restaurants and bar options to LGBT-related anecdotes and facts relating to Spanish history and culture, you can be assured that you will be in good hands.


Moreover, I also manage and operate a LGBT travel and daytrip group on the world’s largest social platform, See IMG_7323our group’s  official website for some of our past and future excursions as well as an extensive photo gallery of the places we have visited. Depending on the time of your visit, and your personal interests/preferences which, for us, are always the most important consideration, we might be able to combine your visit with one of our group’s upcoming trips. This would also be a perfect opportunity for you to meet and socialize with the Spanish members of our group, most of whom speak English well and always welcome the opportunity to meet new people to tell them more about the Spain they know and love.








Please Contact Us to let us know what type of a tour you are looking for and what type of things you would like us to concentrate on to design the type of an experience that will be ideal for you. If you are a group, please also let us know how many you are. For some ideas about local Madrid tours please see Madrid bespoke walking tours page as well as suggestions for day trips from the city; for ideas for trips further away please visit Destination Ideas as well as the range of authentic Experiences we can offer.

Feel free to also visit our LGBT Ready-To-Go packages page to see our upcoming offerings and choose one that appeals to you the most.


The latest (March 2017) wintery hike around Alto de los Leones in Sierra Guadarrama, an hour north of Madrid

Our group’s May 1 long weekend getaway to Navarra, following a famous castle trail, with some spectacular natural wonders thrown in for good measure:

Our group’s recent visit to Sepulveda & Hoces del Rio Duraton Natural Park; one of Spain’s most beautiful villages and natural parks, only an hour away from Madrid:

Our group’s recent “In the footsteps of Cervantes” visit to Alcala de Henares:

Our group’s recent “Day of Castilla Leon (the Commoner’s Uprising festival)” tour around some of Castilla’s pueblos and castles:

Our group’s recent day hike on the Camino Schmit, One of Sierra Guadarrama’s best known and prettiest trails:

Our group’s recent “cherry-blossom trail” excursion to Extramadura’s Valle del Jerte

Our group’s visit to Spain’s former capital and the cradle of the country’s 3 main religions, Toledo: